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Pretty in Pink – It's Andie Beth
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October 30, 2016

Pretty in Pink

I’m not a huge fan of shooting weddings. Only because there’s so much pressure. I mean, if you want to make an enemy in life, f*ck up someones wedding photography! I’m not really sure how it started, but somehow I started photographing more and more weddings. I remember my brother asking me to do his wedding photography and though it was fine, after saying yes I had a brief moment of panic attack. I mean, I don’t know how to photograph a wedding?? What the heck was I thinking?! It turned out fine & they have some of the prettiest photos I’ve taken, but I swore no more after that. Weddings are long, tiring and the editing is real. I mean, I took around 1500 photos… what do you do with all that? I’ve learned a lot since doing their wedding a few years ago, but never meant to get back into the wedding photography game.

Then one day, a good friend of mine said I should do a wedding for a couple she knew. They were looking for someone and I fit the bill. I had done other weddings before, but nothing like this. Completely on my own with a contract and everything. I didn’t know anyone (except Brooke) and it was kind of scary. Then, just like that, the day came and went and it was so fun!

The bride was amazing and the groom was so fun! They were very easygoing and there was lots of love to go around that day. I loved every detail of her wedding; the bright pink against the black. The matching tables with gorgeous lighting everywhere. This wedding was also downtown, which I was like “what a weird view” but it turned out to be so cool – from going to Mass Ave for bridal party photos to sunset photos after the ceremony it was quite beautiful.

These photos don’t even do the day justice; I’d have to post about 50 more for you to get a feel for all the fun we had that day.








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